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DialMyApp, is a shell application for customers, who want to improve their availability and service with existing clients and potential customers.

DialMyApp is a bridge between the customer’s phone and their preferred businesses, that they interact with.

As a customer with DialMyApp , you just dial your favorite business phone number. No need to install many apps for different businesses and you can dial these numbers, even from your phone’s contacts.

By dialing a phone number of a DialMyApp participating business, you will get multiple connection options and among them are: 1. Multilingual welcome page. 2. Diversion to mobile web sites. 3. Chat or Web services. 4. Day-night / off hours virtual IVR. 5. Location based services.

As a business, you save money of developing an app, distributing it to customers , and market education-convincing clients to use it again and again. Your app is available for your customer, by just dialing your business phone number. ( or numbers)

For your business, we carefully customize the application for your specific needs and business processes, including: live chat, scheduling, customer club, affiliate programs and much more. It can grow from a simple visual IVR to useful business applications integrated in to your IT system.

Your interaction with your customer becomes friendly and efficient and over all, it becomes cost effective.


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Telecom Program

DialMyApp has a unique and "tailor made" program for Telecoms. This program includes a unique virtual IVR and integration with existing services.

Enterprise services

DailMyApp can creat a special "customized service" for both way interactions between a company and its clients.

Re Seller / Affiliate program

We are seeking partners, who are experienced with services in the mobile and telecom environment.